A Faith of Their Own

Lisa D. Pearce and Melinda Lundquist Denton, 2011, A Faith of Their Own: Stability and Change in the Religiosity of America's Adolescents, Oxford University Press. 


The National Study of Youth and Religion has produced numerous significant books and articles about the state of adolescent religiosity, and authors Pearce and Denton's most recent contribution is no exception. Studying a group of teenagers, the two sociologists examine how the teens' attitudes about faith change (or don’t) as they get older…” Read More
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A Faith of Their Own is a terrific and succinct introduction to the NSYR. Its analysis is clear, its exposition is clean, and its interpretative typology merits wide adoption."
--Sociology of Religion

"A Faith of Their Own moves the conversation on adolescent spirituality significantly forward by examining, not a static snapshot of teenagers' religious lives, but the ways in which these lives change during adolescence; the authors' conclusions will surprise and challenge you. Pearce and Denton write with the confidence of people who know, and love, their subjects, making A Faith of Their Own a dynamic, accessible, and often unexpected map of adolescents' spiritual terrain. If you know and love a teenager, you're going to need this book."
-- Kenda Creasy Dean, author of Almost Christian: What the Faith of Our Teenagers Is Telling the American Church

 "This nuanced, comprehensive book will become the standard reference for anyone seeking a sensitive and rigorous analysis of the religious lives of American adolescents. Dispensing with the hand-wringing that accompanies many accounts, the authors take a multidimensional approach to religiosity, emphasize stability and normal development processes, and explore the effects of religious consistency on well-being as teenagers transition into young adulthood--a smart take on American religiosity and American youth."
-- Penny Edgell, author of Religion and Family in a Changing Society

"Pearce and Denton bring the content, conduct and centrality of religion to life for youth today. They successfully integrate rich person-centered accounts of the meaning and practice of religion among teens using in-depth conversations with youth themselves, combined with variable-centered analyses of a national survey study of youth and religion. A Faith of Their Own thus makes an important contribution to the use of mixed methods, in addition to its path-breaking findings regarding the religious life of American youth."
-- Thomas S. Weisner, Professor of Anthropology, Departments of Psychiatry & Anthropology, UCLA