Growing Up in America: The Power of Race in the Lives of Teens

Richard Flory, Korie Edwards, Brad Christerson, 2010, Growing Up in America: The Power of Race in the Lives of Teens, Stanford University Press.


Growing Up in America is an eye-opener. In it we intensely experience the lives of teens, and come to see the powerful and often times surprising ways in which race impacts their lives. It is not the case, the authors show us, that white teens have access to the most and best resources. It varies by social institution, by what is valued, and what is needed. This is a wonderfully written, powerful book that enlightens as it engages. We cannot understand the meaning of race without understanding its formation in youth. And this is the very best book written on that subject.
--Michael O. Emerson, Rice University 

Growing Up in America masterfully shines an incisive light on how experiences in the four most influential contexts of adolescence—family, peers, school, and religion—can vary immensely based on one's racial or ethnic background. By revealing the unique 'capital portfolios' with which African American, white, Latino, and Asian American youth are equipped for adulthood, this book elucidates how uneven the playing field is when it comes to achieving social, emotional, economic, and spiritual success in adulthood. It's a must read for anyone interested in the sources of stratification and inequality in the U.S. or how race truly matters in the lives of American youth."
--Lisa D. Pearce, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill